Following the First Minister’s announcement that we will be moving into Phase 3, we wish to provide some clarification with regards to dental services.
The announcement has stated that dentists will be able to provide urgent dental care and will be able to commence some routine treatment from the 13th of July.

Unfortunately, for NHS dentistry, we are still unable to provide aerosol-generating-procedures (AGP). AGPs are anything that creates a spray such as dental drills, ultra-sonic scalers, air-syringes and any rinsing and spitting out. Therefore, many common treatments such as fillings and crowns are ruled out.
The use of our air-syringe is a vital part of completing a dental examination (check up). It allows us to thoroughly dry the teeth in order to identify areas of decay, failing fillings and ill-fitting crowns and bridges. Without the air-syringe the check up is in-comprehensive.

Whilst we are more than happy to see you if you have any dental problems or concerns, or to complete a routine oral-cancer screening (normally completed as part of your check-up) we will not be able to carry out a full dental check-up for you yet.
We have a list of everyone who has either had an appointment cancelled or has been in touch with us since March. We will contact you when the time comes.
We would like to thank you again for all your support. As the guidance develops we will keep you updated.