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Interested in composite bonding, but unsure what it would look like?

Visit us for a mock-up on your teeth so you can see how composite bonding could transform your smile.

*Composite mock up is removed with no damage to your underlying teeth before you leave your consultation as we don't use the bond/glue required.

Benefits of Composite Bonding

In a single appointment, you could be staring at your future dream smile!

Restore chipped, stained, spaced & misaligned teeth.

No injections or drilling to your natural teeth

0% finance available on treatment plans

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Get FREE TEETH WHITENING worth £260 with composite bonding treatment!

If you go ahead with treatment on the day, you will receive a FREE teeth whitening kit worth over £260*

*minimum of 6 teeth to get free teeth whitening

What's Included?

A composite bonding mock-up directly on your teeth


Instant results

If you sign up for a treatment plan on the day, you will receive exclusive offers to save you money! 

"I was never happy with my teeth and felt like the edges were not even. I wanted an improvement but did not want any damage to my own teeth. Since I have had composite bonding done, my confidence has increased so much. I get so many compliments on my teeth now. Thank you so much!"

"It's changed my life, everyone keeps complimenting my smile!"

Dr Peter Goudie - Principle Dentist / Owner

Meet Your Dentist

We focus on smile makeovers utilising what your teeth already have to offer.

This is mostly through minimally invasive procedures such as Invisalign, whitening and composite bonding.

Most of the treatments include no injections/damage to your own teeth.

As easy as 1-2-3

A clear path to your dream smile.

Achieve your dream smile in just two visits.


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Consultation/ Mock Up

Your dentist will discuss your concerns and create a tailor made plan for you.

A composite mock up will be carried out on your teeth to showcase what can be achieved. Pricing options will also be given to you at this stage.


Book Treatment Day

If you would like to go ahead with treatment, the relevant appointments will be made for you to start on your dream smile makeover journey!


Frequently asked questions, answered!

Is there any damage to my teeth with composite bonding?

Composite bonding is a purely additive procedure in which we can add length and volume to your teeth to create the desired aesthetic result.

What if my teeth are not straight before composite bonding?

If your teeth are not well aligned, then orthodontic treatment (such as invisalign) would be recommended to move your teeth into a better position prior to composite bonding.

If there are very minor overlaps/crowded teeth then sometimes we can do composite bonding alone and mask overlaps.

Is composite bonding reversible?

Composite is minimally invasive, meaning that no damage/drilling is carried out to your teeth. However, it is not fully reversible as the composite is glued onto the teeth with bond so if the composite was removed in the future the exact surface texture you had before on your teeth would not be able to be replaced like for like. It is however the most minimally invasive option in dentistry to produce a cosmetic change.

Can composite be used to lighten my teeth?

Composite veneers can be used to lighten the shade of your teeth as they cover the entire front surface of your teeth. This is a good option for patients that have internal staining of their teeth or surface anomalies such as cracks which would like to be covered. Composite edge bonding is matched to your tooth shade, therefore if you would like a brighter end result I would recommend professional tooth whitening to lighten your teeth beforehand.

How long does composite bonding last?

On average, composite bonding lasts 3-7 years or longer if looked after well. This is subject to the patient attending for regular maintenance and polishing appointments. Composite is strong if looked after well, however is not as strong as enamel, therefore there may be the occasional chip. Many people get composite bonding as a blue print for porcelain veneers in the future.

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